Snowball Io 2

About Snowball Io 2

Game Overview Snowball io 2 is an IO multiplayer game in which you can throw snowballs at other people. This epic snow battle will see you accumulate snow and defeat other players, while trying to avoid the disappearing ice platforms. The match is won by the last remaining player!

To accumulate snow, move around. Your snowball will keep growing, making it easier for you to destroy your arctic enemies. Once your snowball is ready to go, you can throw it at other players. To knock other players back, you can also bump into them with your snowball.

You must also avoid getting pushed off the edge by other players. The ice platform disappears with each level, much like battle royale. You'll get XP when you win battles and unlock new skins. Enjoy Snowball io 2 For free at our website

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